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Our Favorite Farming Tools

Farming tools are important to use. We’ve talked extensively about the usage of modern machinery and it’s future use in the industry. For the purposes of this article, we will go over the farming tools we’ve used in today’s time and go over the many different types of machines/tools. Just because you use a tractor doesn’t mean there’s simply one generic one; there are many different types of tractors, hoes, and crop dusters out there that farmers are using everyday. The key is understanding the difference between them, and the features & benefits they provide.

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Whether you know it or not, having modern farming machinery do a lot of the hard work for you is quite a blessing. It isn’t easy to perform a lot of the tasks farmers had to do hundreds of years ago. Tractors, hoes, and crop dusters bring a lot to the table for the modern farmer. Without these three favorite tools my family loves to use, our work would increase with less productivity and more hard labor. I will be sharing a brief history on each of the tools and what there primarily used for.


Three of the Most Common Farming Equipment

We all know that to be a modern and successful farmer these days, you must have equipment that allows you to do your job in a fast and efficient manner over a large piece of land. Planting seeds, milking the cows and harvesting fruits and vegetables can all be done using various specialized pieces of equipment these days.

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To make sure that you are aware of the tools that are available to the modern farmer, here are three tools that can be found on a modern farm.

What you will learn is amazing. You will learn about the tools, how they are used and how they improve the lives of the farmer in a major way.


Raising Farms

Learning the trade of farming hasn’t always been easy. For some outsiders to the industry; using and operating farming tools can be challenging. The complexity of the many resources my family uses can be puzzling at times. For instance, farming is much more detail orientated and specific than owning a valet parking service company. The difference is quite dramatic.  

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Early on when I was growing up, I never appreciated the machinery and farming tools my family had at hand. It truly does make farming a lot easier. It was actually quite humorous when other household breaks or leaks occurred. My family never had the right tools for any everyday household fix; but when it came to raising cattle and poultry we had all the right equipment needed.


How Farming Technology Has Progressed Over Time

If you haven’t noticed, I love talking about farming equipment, history, and future automation systems. The art of farm is what my family and I have had a passion for. To give you a general understanding of what the industry of farming used to look like we must go back in time. Considering the future of farming, we will see a bright and vibrant marketplace for all to prosper.

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There used to be a time where farming equipment used to consist of using a horse and a plough to sow seeds and dig up the ground. There was a lot of manual labor involved and many people used to be employed through farms as a regular career.


Futuristic Farming

No one has a crystal ball who can see into the future; but many presume the opportunities in farming tomorrow will be immense. The tech age has brought plenty of in innovative tools for people to take advantage of. Many believe the next ten years will change a lot of things about how we farm. Farming has been a historical profession dating back thousands of years.

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Nothing will change in the future when it comes to farming and cultivating the healthiest, best produce on the market. The only differences farmers will see is the way they farm. Techniques and methods of farming will drastically change. Farming machinery has helped our family streamline a lot of different processes; but automated machinery (artificial intelligence) will allow for a faster, cost effective, and a much smarter way to deal with farming plants.


Everyone Should Be Farming On Their Own

I think that everyone should be farming. It is well past time that any single person can trust that there is good reason to believe that there is any reason to trust that you can depend on others for food for the rest of your life. We have seen how volatile the world truly can be, and it is significantly evident that something for anyone to survive, they must be able to take care of themselves.

I was reading an article on another bloggers website where the blogger was”Permaculture is the Future of Humanity.” In the lives of most people, rural and suburban, most are dependent upon a store  to provide us with our food source, for which they rely on the farms that produce them. For those unfamiliar, permaculture is creating an agricultural environment that can supply enough food for the people managing it. Basically a self sustaining system. For most permaculture may seem a little far reaching in their lives, but everyone better get used to the idea of it because you don’t want to be unfamiliar when disaster strikes! (more…)

The Fortune in Farming

Farming has been a way of life for my family for many generations. The single biggest source of income has come from selling eggs, chicken, and other poultry to a lot of the local farmer’s market in our area. Without such amazing family members and the best farming practices-we wouldn’t be able to support ourselves like we can today.

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Not all my family is involved in farming though. My family knew early on that my second cousin Alex was going to work in the trade field. He ended dropping out of high school to become a concrete contractor, and now he owns his own company. At the time, my whole family was very worried about his future; but he was able to push through adversity and be a model of success for everyone else.


Four Generations of Superb Produce

Like I’ve said, our family of farmers stretches back four generations. The family farming legacy dates back to the 19th century when my great, great, great, great grandparents were poultry and cattle farmers in Germany. When the turn of the century happened they immigrated to NYC (Ellis Island) to experience the “American Dream.”

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The “American Dream” is exactly what they experienced. From NYC they moved to the Midwest to build a farming empire. With building any large empire, I remember my grandparents explaining to my siblings and I- the importance of thinking big. “When you think big, everything will come together-and your mind will push you to new heights.”


The Life of A Farmer

Hello, you can call me farm girl. I’ve been born, raised, and currently still work on my family’s farm. The farm lifestyle is challenging, with many ups and downs (happening on a constant basis); but the rewards have been indescribable. I never went to college after high school, so farming has been what I have totally dedicated my life to. It’s hard to picture something else I could be doing.

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Most people know nothing about the lifestyle endured by a farmer. Long days, and physically moving your body at all times is common. I never chose to be a farm girl, I was born into it. The legacy has been ingrained.