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Everyone Should Be Farming On Their Own

I think that everyone should be farming. It is well past time that any single person can trust that there is good reason to believe that there is any reason to trust that you can depend on others for food for the rest of your life. We have seen how volatile the world truly can be, and it is significantly evident that something for anyone to survive, they must be able to take care of themselves.

I was reading an article on another bloggers website where the blogger was”Permaculture is the Future of Humanity.” In the lives of most people, rural and suburban, most are dependent upon a store  to provide us with our food source, for which they rely on the farms that produce them. For those unfamiliar, permaculture is creating an agricultural environment that can supply enough food for the people managing it. Basically a self sustaining system. For most permaculture may seem a little far reaching in their lives, but everyone better get used to the idea of it because you don’t want to be unfamiliar when disaster strikes!

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The organic farming culture is quickly gaining momentum in our societies. For the last 20 years or so it seems like, the companies in the game of making food a managed process ruled the food markets. They have had so much of a hold on the market because they created food at a very low price and looks identical to organic products, but it can be dangerously unhealthy and often made in an unethical manner. There are companies, very large in size, that genetically modify seeds so that the plants will grow to kill competing plants, in an effort to make their seeds the only viable resource on the planet. In the food markets, like in all markets, money dominates. Many large food companies downgrade the quality of their food products to earn higher profit margins and monopolize larger markets.
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Recently, the generation of today is beginning a fight against the food companies, and some people are now more aware of what is going on in the food industries. Instead of buying from the large company that owns hundreds of square miles of farmland, there are options to buy from the local farmer’s who grows fruits and vegetables locally and abstains from using harmful chemicals on his produce. People are looking to buy organic chicken eggs, even though it may be at a higher price. It seems that what is in our food and how it affects us is becoming an all more important point.    permaculture local grown

Where permaculture comes back into all of this play comes with the conspiracy mentality, which the year 2016 showed us more than any year ever is that the smartest people are actually rightfully weary of who’s doing wrong in the world. By practicing permaculture, you can always have a strong idea of what exactly is in your food and know how it will affect you.

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Permaculture was practiced by all types of people throughout history. Before it was large corporations who created the food for a people of an area, it was the local people planting their own personal crops for themselves or sharecropping with other farmers. History always tells you that it must repeat itself, and I think the safest option of eating food in the future is by making the food yourself. There will be no more question about whether or not this food is factory made and may cause cancer. There will be no concerns about the ethics of how this food was made. There will be no worry to wonder whether or not there will be food for your family in the next year. Plus, you will save a lot of money and even some time possibly by growing your own food instead of buying it from someone else. backyard gardens