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Four Generations of Superb Produce

Like I’ve said, our family of farmers stretches back four generations. The family farming legacy dates back to the 19th century when my great, great, great, great grandparents were poultry and cattle farmers in Germany. When the turn of the century happened they immigrated to NYC (Ellis Island) to experience the “American Dream.”

ellis island germany


The “American Dream” is exactly what they experienced. From NYC they moved to the Midwest to build a farming empire. With building any large empire, I remember my grandparents explaining to my siblings and I- the importance of thinking big. “When you think big, everything will come together-and your mind will push you to new heights.”

The work load a farmer has to complete in his/her lifetime is immense. I vividly remember my grandparents and parents always working. There never was a lot of break time, relaxing, or chilling on the couch watching TV. In fact, my family never had a TV.

farming land barn

From a very young age, we were taught to have respect, loyalty, and a high amount of work ethic for our land. After all, all the work done on our land was the way we made a living. The core of any great farmer, is the spirit of a thriving “entrepreneur.”


Quality has always been the most important concept my grandparents stressed to us as young children. Quality over quantity was most optimal. Creating a product so good, customers couldn’t refuse; and would constantly be coming back is what was most important to grow the family dynasty. 

farm poultry produce

With superb produce comes superb returning customers. Chickens are kind of our ultimate specialty. Eggs and raw chicken were constantly demanded by many different local farmers markets, grocery stores, and vendors. There were many tricks of the trades that have been passed down in the family to produce such great food.

The main principle behind any great finished produce is the process and way you treat the animals. Organic farming is what we are best known for. No one should ever eat meat, eggs, or chicken from farms that add chemicals or preservatives to the animals. Organic and grass fed farming are very similar. Treating the animals with the right environment and food is what’s most important at the end of the day. Nothing trumps the culture you create around the farm animals.

caged farm poultry

The farmers market will let you know how your food is; whether you like it or not. If consumers are flocking to your produce, it’s a good sign. If no one is seeming to pick up your product-you may know something must be wrong.


The superb quality of produce made is a direct representation of how your farming practices have been, and what your animals have ate. There are so many factors to attribute to our success with local produce, but one of the biggest has been the quantity and quality of food given to the animals. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out if junk is fed to animals, junk will be produced. Just like with humans.