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Futuristic Farming

No one has a crystal ball who can see into the future; but many presume the opportunities in farming tomorrow will be immense. The tech age has brought plenty of in innovative tools for people to take advantage of. Many believe the next ten years will change a lot of things about how we farm. Farming has been a historical profession dating back thousands of years.

drone farming

Nothing will change in the future when it comes to farming and cultivating the healthiest, best produce on the market. The only differences farmers will see is the way they farm. Techniques and methods of farming will drastically change. Farming machinery has helped our family streamline a lot of different processes; but automated machinery (artificial intelligence) will allow for a faster, cost effective, and a much smarter way to deal with farming plants.

Instead of farmers getting into tractors and fielding crops & land; the farmer will simply push a few buttons & watch a machine do all the heavy lifting. The craziest part about all this farming automation talk- is that it will come true someday. Of course, the large part of the debate is when exactly AI will become mainstream; but many believe it’s sooner than we may think.

tractor farming

What most farmers have to do is not be afraid of the change, but rather prepare and use strategic innovation to ensure a bright future will be sustainable. No farmer knows what kind of exact farming tools or resources will be available; but we know the impact they will have. As a farmer myself, I know how hard it is to keep with so many different animals, having the right machinery to assist with everything will help out a lot. 

the future of farming

The landscape of farming will change forever. Eating and buying food will never change; we are all human & natural produce is simply a basic necessity all of us have to have. Without food we die. The best part about being a farmer is having the ability to work outside with your hands- the future may seem much easier physically for the farmer on a day to day basis. 

Our family’s farming traditions will still continue, but with automated farms the way we work will change for life. Daily activities will become more so about outsourcing and managing than about physically doing the work. In the future farming families won’t need as many family members to tend to all the different animals.

farming machinery

It may be a scary thought, but someday there may not be a need for any humans to work on a farm. There could be a day in the future that involves complete computer automated farms-where farms are being built, tended to, and producing amazing animals. A farmer may simply wake up in the morning, tell the computer what he/she wants done; and the automated computer will complete all the necessary steps to accomplish the daily goal. 

When I first saw the movie I Robot, all these ideas and thoughts came together and it made sense. I was very scared walking out of the theater to my car-because immediately I thought of how competitive the market will be in the future. Big corporations will have the ability to buy everything out and produce as much produce as they’d like. It is scary to think of; but it will be coming. The future is bright-but being smart about technology will make all the difference in the long run.