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How Farming Technology Has Progressed Over Time

If you haven’t noticed, I love talking about farming equipment, history, and future automation systems. The art of farm is what my family and I have had a passion for. To give you a general understanding of what the industry of farming used to look like we must go back in time. Considering the future of farming, we will see a bright and vibrant marketplace for all to prosper.

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There used to be a time where farming equipment used to consist of using a horse and a plough to sow seeds and dig up the ground. There was a lot of manual labor involved and many people used to be employed through farms as a regular career.

However, we have seen a huge change in the way that farming equipment has evolved. The emergence of automated farm tools, specialized equipment and the switch from horse power to machine power. It’s true, tractors and harvesting machines are a common sight rather than horses.

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We will go through how farming tools have changed over the past few decades and over the past two to three centuries, from the pre-industrial revolution to the modern-day usage of machinery. You will learn about what people used to have to do to plow their way to prosperity and how that has changed now with new technology.

Before pre-industrial revolution:

Before the times tractors and specialized equipment were a common sight, farmers had to do their work through ploughs and horses. The reason for this was that at the time, farming equipment was not as advanced as it is now.

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If you wanted to plant seeds, for example, you had to plough through the soil of your farm using a horse and ploughs for hours a day until you got a row of lines where you could put your seeds in. Combine that with the amount of labor that you had to do to cover your seeds up, you get a hard-manual labor process.

During the industrial revolution.

The industrial revolution brought in major changes to the way farming equipment was utilized.

For example, take the diesel engine. The development of the engine allowed the use of tractors to be used in place of horses. The reason why tractors replaced horses is because tractors can be used for longer than horses in terms of time. While horses require rest, tractors can run for if your budget for fuel permits. Whether it is eight hours or twelve hours, farmers could use tractors to plough through soil quicker and efficiently to save time.

What this dramatic change with farming equipment did was expand production for farmers overnight. Farmers began to increase the amount of food production they could produce because they had the tools to work a larger amount of the land available. What took weeks to plough a small piece of land now took hours to do to the point where farmers could earn more income from more plants.

Another way that the industrial revolution brought in change to the way that farming equipment was used was through the automation of equipment.

Take the production of wheat. Before the use of machines were available, farmers had to individually cut and band wheat plants together. It was very time intensive and a lot of manual labor was used to harvest wheat plants.

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But with the use of automated machines, the process of getting wheat bales is now easier to the point that the whole process can be done from one machine. From the cutting, to the bundling of the wheat bales. This process can be done in a matter of hours.


The modern day:

These days modern farming technology has progressed to the point that the equipment has become specialized. With the use of pumping machines to get milk from cows, to using sensor technology to monitor soil quality and much more, farming has become scientific and advanced.

The greatest benefit of all this new farming equipment is more control to the farmer. Think of the number of seeds that a farmer can plant now with ploughs that can automatically adjust the depth, width and length of the furrows that the plough can do.

Or how about the fact that farmers can use planes or helicopters, armed with pesticide sprayers, to cover their orchids and fields with pesticides in a matter of hours. Not only does it save time, but it saves a lot of labor costs as well.

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Due to the advanced capabilities of the farming equipment, the farmer has more control and less labor required to run their farm. Everything can be controlled using computers and with more precision than ever.

Overall verdict:

Farming equipment has progressed from being a manual, time intensive process with little efficiency to being an automated, sophisticated process where less people are required to do manual tasks. The process is now time-efficient and the machines are large enough to replace several people’s jobs in the future.