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Farming tools are important to use. We’ve talked extensively about the usage of modern machinery and it’s future use in the industry. For the purposes of this article, we will go over the farming tools we’ve used in today’s time and go over the many different types of machines/tools. Just because you use a tractor doesn’t mean there’s simply one generic one; there are many different types of tractors, hoes, and crop dusters out there that farmers are using everyday. The key is understanding the difference between them, and the features & benefits they provide.

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Whether you know it or not, having modern farming machinery do a lot of the hard work for you is quite a blessing. It isn’t easy to perform a lot of the tasks farmers had to do hundreds of years ago. Tractors, hoes, and crop dusters bring a lot to the table for the modern farmer. Without these three favorite tools my family loves to use, our work would increase with less productivity and more hard labor. I will be sharing a brief history on each of the tools and what there primarily used for.


A tractor is a vehicle that is designed to be used in agriculture. The first tractors that were used as a farm implement were produced in the early 18th century. Richard Trevistick was the designer of the first tractor that was called the barn engine at the time. This product was used as a corn threshing machine. However; the first portable engine was the invention of William Tuxford in 1839.

Tractors can be different. They can use different fuels or engines. Here are some of the examples:

Gasoline and kerosene– Gasoline and kerosene have been predominant between 1900 and 1960.

Diesel-After the era of Gasoline and kerosene, diesel got under the spotlight in 1960s.

Liquefied petroleum gas-This type of fuel has been used as a tractor fuel. The only difference is that it requires a specialized fuel tanks and filling equipment.

Biodiesel-Biodiesel fuel is often used in the agricultural machinery for plowing, disking, harrowing, planting.

There are many different types of tractors such as: Engineering tractors, Backhoe Loader, Compact Utility Tractor, Row-crop tractor.

Engineering tractors-This type of tractors are more suitable for engineering because they can work where bulldozer can’t, but also they can be used in farming industry as good.

Backhoe loader– is a classic farm tractor that can also be called hoe-loader, which means that it has loader on the front and a hoe on the back.

Compact utility tractor– this is a smaller version of agricultural tractor but it is designed for landscaping.

Row crop tractor – is tractor made for growing crops.

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Hoes are an agricultural tool that have been in use since the ancient times. Its primary use in farming is to shape soil, remove weeds, and clear soil. Before we talk about modern hoes and its ways of use let’s see how it all began. As per history first use of hoe is in Sumerian mythology. The invention of hoe was Enlil’s work. Also ancient documents such as: Book of Isaiah , Code of Hammurabi mention the use of  hoe.

There are several kinds of hoes. The two most important ones being Draw and Scuffle hoes

Draw hoes can be:

Italian hoe, Grub hoe, Pattern Hoe, Azada or Dago Hoe. These hoes are recognized for being heavy with a broad blade and straight edge.

The Paxton hoe– is like the Italian hoe but it has more rounded blade.

The Mortar Hoe– is different because it has square-bladed draw hoe with holes on the blade.


Scuffle hoes can be:


Dutch hoe– This type of hoe is designed to cut the roots of weeds under the surface. It has a blade that is sharp on both directions so you can go back and forth and still do the job.

Hoop hoe– also called a action hoe is effective at cutting weeds in loose soil. It has a double edge blades which bends in a way that forms rectangle attached to the shaft.


Other hoes


There are also others hoe that don’t belong to these two kinds. These hoes are Wheel hoes, Horse hoes, Fork hoes, Clam Hoes, Adze hoes, and Gang hoes.


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Crop Dusters: 

Crop Dusters also called agricultural aircrafts are aircrafts that are made for agricultural use. Other than crop dusting they can be used for hydro seeding. Crop Dusting began in the early 1920s in the USA. First airplanes that were used for this purpose were war planes such as Stearman and De Havilland Tiger Moth. After a couple decades when the more effective insecticides were developed, they have built agricultural airplanes.

Most common aircrafts that are used for this purpose are so called fixed-wings such as: Air Tractor, Cessna Ag-wagon, Rockwell Thrush and others. Also helicopters can be used to complete this action. Many of these aircrafts have turboprop engines. Only the Polish PZL M-15 Belphegor has a jet engine.

The design of these aircrafts are simple. Spraying systems are attached to the edges of the wings and pumps are generated by wind turbines. On the larger farms like the ones in Australia and New Zealand where you must cover larger areas, more powerful aircrafts are in use such as Lockheed Lodestar and WSK-Mielec M-15 Belphegor.

I have mentioned that Helicopters can also play the role in this action. They are a bit different than the aircrafts of course. Their tanks are placed on the outside while spray is attached below the main rotor blades.


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