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Raising Farms

Learning the trade of farming hasn’t always been easy. For some outsiders to the industry; using and operating farming tools can be challenging. The complexity of the many resources my family uses can be puzzling at times. For instance, farming is much more detail orientated and specific than owning a valet parking service company. The difference is quite dramatic.  

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Early on when I was growing up, I never appreciated the machinery and farming tools my family had at hand. It truly does make farming a lot easier. It was actually quite humorous when other household breaks or leaks occurred. My family never had the right tools for any everyday household fix; but when it came to raising cattle and poultry we had all the right equipment needed.

When it comes to farming-the best animals with the best nutrition and environment will produce what most local farmers want. There are different processes & steps for chicken, hens, geese, and other poultry. The beautiful thing about poultry; is everyone needs to eat some source of protein and what we farm is exactly that.

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Learning the right farming processes might be tough for those that have never dealt with animals; but if you grow up in a setting where everything around you is influencing and showing you how to become a better farmer than there’s no other option.  

For outsiders it may be difficult for people to understand the hardships, daily ups and downs, and physical grunt work needed to be a great farmer. Farmers are just like other people; except they must rely on the lay of the land. When you have a large farm with many different barns full, a large family comes in handy. The more workers and helpers the better.

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Everyday is a new day; it takes a lot of skill to be able to know what the weather is looking like, how a mixture of different atmospheric effects will destroy or grow your crops. Having crops is important for poultry farms. Since we pride ourselves on being mainly a grass fed farm-having healthy crops for our animals to eat is key difference between other farmers.

Being resourceful and thinking quickly on your feet is important; especially when you’re a business owner. Businesses change all the time, there is a lot that goes into maintaining and expanding ventures. It’s important to keep track of the health of your animals, if anything comes up acting fast is imperative. If something happens to your animals, your income is at jeopardy. Using quick problem solving skills will make all the difference.

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A lot of people don’t understand how hard it is to be able to separate from the rest of the farming market. Raising healthy animals is an art form. There is a lot that goes into the complete process. Once the animals and food is there- setting competitive prices is crucial. Years of grunt work can go into a poultry farm, but if no one sees, smells, and tastes the value all your produce is worthless.

After all the animals have been raised, the time will come to sell the poultry produce to the local markets. In the farming business you have two options for selling. Either you hire a broker to sell all your product, or you (as the farmer) have to sell to the local markets. It is a difficult choice to make, but one that has to be done. Raising the animals is the easy part. Finishing the business is the harder. At the end of the day, we have to make a buck- just like any other business.