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The Fortune in Farming

Farming has been a way of life for my family for many generations. The single biggest source of income has come from selling eggs, chicken, and other poultry to a lot of the local farmer’s market in our area. Without such amazing family members and the best farming practices-we wouldn’t be able to support ourselves like we can today.

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Not all my family is involved in farming though. My family knew early on that my second cousin Alex was going to work in the trade field. He ended dropping out of high school to become a concrete contractor, and now he owns his own company. At the time, my whole family was very worried about his future; but he was able to push through adversity and be a model of success for everyone else.

Alex was the only family member that went against what the family standard was. All my brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles, aunts, parents, and grandparents were farmers. It is simply a legacy passed down through each family generation.

chicken poultry farming

My family has done very well in the farming industry. When you create the highest quality poultry available for consumers-financial rewards will follow. Not only is all the farm land owned by the family, but our surplus of poultry food has allowed us to expand into multiply other local markets.

Like any business, the best way to build an empire is to expand so rapidly and exponentially that an influx in customers and returning customers is never a problem. Nothing is better in business than referrals; and the best way to have inbound referrals is to have a product so good- no one can refuse.

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Nothing is different in the farming business. The family farming empire has done well throughout the years. I don’t envision myself doing anything else that seems to be as fun and financially rewarding as farming. When it comes to other professions- I just have this image of everything else being boring and less fulfilling.

There’s something special about working off the land of mother nature. The farm land we have has given me so many amazing childhood memories that it would take a lot to forget. Having a large family to explore and adventure with on the land has been special. I wouldn’t trade the time spent with my family with anything else. As far as time goes-I’ve always been one to value the ability to spend unconditional amounts of time with the people I love the most.

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The fortunes made in farming has definitely set our family tree up for the future. Tomorrow is promising. It is an exciting field to be in; without the family support, love, and passion for poultry we wouldn’t be where we are at the moment. It makes sense-I’ve always heard of people talk about having a passion for what you do. When it comes to poultry farming nothing is different.