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The Life of A Farmer

Hello, you can call me farm girl. I’ve been born, raised, and currently still work on my family’s farm. The farm lifestyle is challenging, with many ups and downs (happening on a constant basis); but the rewards have been indescribable. I never went to college after high school, so farming has been what I have totally dedicated my life to. It’s hard to picture something else I could be doing.

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Most people know nothing about the lifestyle endured by a farmer. Long days, and physically moving your body at all times is common. I never chose to be a farm girl, I was born into it. The legacy has been ingrained.

Don’t mistake my realism about the life, with me complaining at all. I’ve loved everything about raising cattle and poultry as a young child- and now currently as an adult.

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Looking back on my childhood, working with so many farm animals; I’ve seen and done a lot. I will admit, it was tough going to the local high school. Many of the kids weren’t from farming backgrounds, so no one could really relate to me. I remember sometimes being harassed and teased for the way I looked & smelled.

I was raised in a large family, so having lots of siblings was something I just had to get used to. To be exact- I had three sisters and five brothers. It is common for most farming families to be large, because the more hands on deck the better.

Farming runs back four generations in the family tree. My father had inherited over forty acres of farmland to work on. For the average farmer- that’s a large chunk of land. The more land to work with, the more product you can produce. That’s common sense though.

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When my father passes away, the family will still produce outstanding produce for the local markets. With so much land, it only makes sense to be producing as much food for individuals as possible. Through the four generations farming, poultry like; chickens, turkeys, meats, and feathers have been the biggest sellers.

Everyone always asks me, why are you and your family farmers? It’s a great question, to be honest; and it takes more than just one sentence to answer. To simplify everything- food is a bare necessity everyone needs. Without food there is no life. Farmers solve this problem. Local farms will produce quality food for local markets to benefit. Farmers have to be in love with working on their land. It wasn’t long ago when farmers were simply paid for their work on other people’s land (landlords).

An average day in the life of a farmer consists of a lot of management, overseeing, and grunt work. Often times, you wake up before the sun comes up, and you don’t stop working until the sun goes down. The days are long, but someone has to do the work. No one said being a farmer was going to be an easy job.

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I will raise my children as young farmers, the legacy will continue. It truly is an amazing life. I can’t imagine living a different life. There’s been so many great memories I’ve been able to live through with my family. I hope you enjoy the blog, we will be discussing various different topics related to the day to day activities of a farmer, as well as cool modern tools, resources, and technology.