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Three of the Most Common Farming Equipment

We all know that to be a modern and successful farmer these days, you must have equipment that allows you to do your job in a fast and efficient manner over a large piece of land. Planting seeds, milking the cows and harvesting fruits and vegetables can all be done using various specialized pieces of equipment these days.

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To make sure that you are aware of the tools that are available to the modern farmer, here are three tools that can be found on a modern farm.

What you will learn is amazing. You will learn about the tools, how they are used and how they improve the lives of the farmer in a major way.


Think of tractors like a modified horse. When you think of horses, you think of an animal that has a lot of power in their legs and can move huge loads for its size. A very impressive animal indeed.

However, the problem with horses is that they require more care than a tractor. You have to rest them, can only use them for a few hours per day and when you use them, you can only work small sections of the land because they are slow.

farming dirt tractor


That’s not necessarily the case with tractors. When a farmer buys a tractor, they know that they can immediately put the tractor to work. Not only are they quicker than horses because of the power of their engine, but because tractors do not get tired like horses. They can work for hours on end without a break.

The use of tractors has been the major reason why food production has exponentially increased over time.

Modern Ploughs

It’s true, ploughs have been used way before the industrial revolution changed everything about farming equipment. Ploughing was one of the most time intensive jobs that you could do as a farmer and that involved a lot of horse power and a lot of manual labor to plough a small piece of land.

However, ploughs are still used in the modern farm; and they are vastly different to the old ploughs’ that were horse driven.

modern ploughs farms

For starters, ploughs can create multiple rows of soil in a matter of seconds. Eight to ten ploughed rows of soil can be done in a short space of time; especially with a tractor.

Not only that, modern ploughs can automatically determine the depth, width and length of the furrows that the ploughs make using the hydraulic system of the tractor. Some can even lay the seeds in the ground at the same time. This makes the process of growing plants on large farms time efficient.

Hay Baler

As it turns out, there are modern methods to making hay. Before the use of modern hay balers, farmers had to individually collect the cut-up grass and store the stacks of hay as bundles in a farm shed, ready for the winter season. Like all farming methods before the modern invention of farming tools; baling hay was time intense and involved a lot of labor to produce enough hay for the winter.

modern hay baler

Now that is no longer necessary. With modern hay balers, the process is easier. Using a series of belts and compressors inside a hay baler machine, you can create rolls or rectangular bundles of hay for your livestock.  Once the bales have been made; wire, mesh, or plastic can be wrapped around the bales to ensure that the hay stays it’s shaped.

The process of creating hay, using a modern hay baler, has got to the point that making hay can be done by one huge machine in a matter of hours. Some hay balers have become automated that all a farmer must do is use a remote control and a computer on board the tractor can create the hay all by itself.

 What lies in the future of modern farming equipment?

As people keep on moving towards service industry jobs and less people move towards agriculture, expect the farming equipment to become more sophisticated. This equipment will replace dozens of farming jobs in the future and we better be ready for that change.

Also, expect artificial intelligence to play an increasing role as the world moves towards automating as many services and jobs as possible. They will replace farming jobs, but it will make the farming process better overall in terms of time and labor efficiency.

Overall, the future of farming equipment will be full of opportunities and implications. It is an exciting time to live.